Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fruit and Veggie Challenge: Day 7

Go Green!  Today (or the next time you can get to the store) try some greens.  Greens like spinach and kale are literally super foods.  They're loaded with iron, folate and tons of other disease fighting nutrients.  The trick is finding a way to eat them that you and you're family enjoy.  You can try cooking collard greens the traditional southern way, wilting some spinach into spaghetti sauce or soups or one of my favorite ways is making crispy kale (check out our recipe in our recipes page).

Don't forget to report back here on our facebook page to let us know how you did on this challenge!  
Who knows, you could win $40 at Whole Foods!


  1. Okay, this is so weird, but I'm OBSESSED with Brussels Sprouts. I love them. Do they count as greens? Little tiny greens?

  2. I have eaten a lot more veggies lately as I am trying to lose weight for my fight next month. When I went to Indianapolis for a week at the Super Bowl I knew it would be tough to control my diet, so I forced myself to order two veggies with every meal instead of my normal double starch. I normally hate spinach, but I had it twice up there and it was wonderful. Once was creamed spinach, so that may not count. The other was a sauteed garlic spinach, and it was really good too. I actually just went to the store and bought some spinach to cook at home, which will be a first. Doubt I can get my pregnant wife and 4 year old on board, but I am actually excited about spinach for the first time ever.